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Skyline Chili Coming to New Albany

August 16, 2018

We have broken ground for a Skyline Chili restaurants that will be developed in front our new indoor storage facility along Grant Line Road. This Skyline Chili will be the only one in Floyd and its surrounding counties, and this news has been music to the community’s ears.

Skyline Chili is unique in that it is not chili con carne, the meat dish that originated in (and is the state dish of) Texas. Instead, Cincinnati chili is a sauce usually used over spaghetti or hot dogs, containing a unique spice blend that gives it a very distinct taste. Officially, the recipe for Skyline Chili is a well-kept family secret among Lambrinides’ surviving children, and the recipe is kept in a bank vault.

Skyline’s menu includes their signature dishes: cheese coneys (a hot dog topped with Skyline Chili, mustard, onions, and cheese), and 3-ways (spaghetti topped with Skyline Chili and cheese); 4-ways (choice of beans or onions added), and 5-ways (beans and onions both added). Additional menu items are also purveyed. Skyline’s chili, canned chili sauce and frozen microwave meals are also provided in supermarkets.

We hope for the businesses to open in late-fall, probably by the end of October or the first of November.